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DCM Alumni
  • curriculum & assessment
  • learning @ DCMI
  • Achievements
  • Workshops and Seminars
  • Fee Structure
  • Faculty Staff Detail

The school is affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi, so the course curriculum is framed and followed strictly according to CBSE norms. With the aim of Holistic development of the child, the School has designed an activity based curriculum which ensures the overall growth and development of all the requisite skills in a child.

Evaluation is now inseparable from education. Yet, it is experienced as a burden and an unnecessary intrusion by some. However, we believe that, Evaluation which is conducted on a regular basis can manage to achieve great results. It greatly improves the effectiveness of teaching & learning as the feedback is not only immediate but also accurate as it is done continuously. The school thus follows the Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) pattern as prescribed by the C.B.S.E.


  • There is no formal examination for Pre Primary Students. They are assessed on skill-based learning such as Language Skills, Cognitive Skills, Motor Skills, Socio Emotional Skills, and Personal Awareness, thus focusing on the development of "Whole brain" capacity of the tiny tots rather than just bookish learning.
  • The assessment of Students from Class I onwards is strictly as per CBSE guidelines i.e. CCE.
  • The annual academic assessment is done in the form of two terms wherein 2 Formative Assessments and 1 Summative Assessment per term are observed.
  • Evaluation at the Senior Secondary Level is done on the basis of In-house examinations. The academic session is divided into two terms. There are cyclic tests conducted throughout the year to ensure that the parents as well as the students receive feedback on their performance at these tests .

The Technological Edge – Just as energy is the basis of life itself, and ideas the source of innovation, so is innovation the vital spark of all human change, improvement and progress.

The world has changed indeed! Knowledge which was considered the forte of the elite and the learned is now available at the click of a button. With the explosion in the world of knowledge and technological advancements, exposure to computers and multimedia technologies has become imperative. We at DCMI are fully equipped to face the challenges of the future. The School boasts of three ultra modern networked computer labs along with a well equipped multimedia room where students get ample opportunity to operate and handle Pentium workstations independently. In fact, the use of ICT is in evidence throughout the school campus with sophisticated networked nodes, computer system installations and fast Internet connections. The installed internet connections, smart boards, digital projectors, audio visual systems and host of ICT hardware enhance the quality and depth of learning for the teaching community. Latest software, magazines and journals are also provided to the students so that they can keep themselves abreast with the latest developments in the world of information technology.

Every year, an Inter DCM event based on the world of computers and information technology, “WIZTECH” is held to prune the IT skills of the students. In this event, the students showcase their mettle in website designing, programming, IT quiz, power point presentations besides other IT events.

Computer aided education is our top priority for which the academic staff is being trained to handle multimedia presentations and to develop their own programme modules for technology based learning.
 To facilitate learning DCMI has also collaborated with EDUCOMP and has started Smart Classes for all the students.

  • The School won three prizes in a Declamation Contest organised by Sahodaya School Complex held on 12th May 2011
  • An Inter DCM Computer Competition was held on 30th Oct, 2010. The School bagged maximum prizes and was declared as the winner of Wiz Tech 2010
  • The School secured the First position in Landscape and Poster Making Competition organised at Army School, Ferozpur Cantt. on the occasion of Women's Day in April 2010.
  • Maninder Singh of XI (Commerce) of DC Model International School has been honoured by S. Janmeja Singh Sekhon (The Irrigation Minister) and Mr. Kamal Sharma, The Political Advisor of The Chief Minister of Punjab for his exclusive achievement in Cricket i.e. for winning gold medal at National Level,  U - 16 S.G.F.1 held at Chandigarh.
  • Parwinder Singh of IX B has bagged silver medal in 68 Kg weight National Teakwondo Championship held from 10th to 12th August 2012 in Mumbai.
  • Tanvi of VIII C has also bagged a gold medal in 40-44 Kg weight open State Teakwondo Championship held from 18th to 19th August 2012 at Jalandhar.
  • Maninder Singh of class X Cricket Gold medal in 57th School National Games U-16 SGFI held at Chandigarh in 2011-12.
  • Piya of class IX Taekwando Girls U-17 (60 Kg.), Gold medal in Punjab State Championship held at Shaheed Bhagat Singh Stadium, Fzr. in 2011-12.
  • Mayank of class IV Roll Ball Boys U-11, Silver medal in 4th Roll Ball Open National Championship held at Pondicheri in 2011-12.
  • Karan Chopra of XII E has made the school proud by cracking NDA entrance exam.
  • Cricket Boys U-16 1st position in Distt. Schools Tournament 2012-13.
  • Cricket Boys U-19 1st position in Distt. Schools Tournament 2012-13.
  • Volley Ball Girls U-19 2nd position in Distt. Schools Tournament 2012-13.
  • Table Tennis Boys U-14 2nd position in Distt. Schools Tournament 2012-13.

  Session 2011-12(class X)

List of Toppers
Sr.No. Name of the student CGPA
1 Harmanvir Singh 10
2 Kajal Chopra 10
3 Nivedita 10
4 Prabhdeep Kaur 10
5 Priyanka 10
6 Rupinder Singh 10
7 Smily 10
8 Anagha Athvale 10

Result of Session 2011-12(class XII)

List of NON-Medical Toppers
Sr.No. RollNO Name Percentage
1st 2673334 Suchita Jain 92.6
2nd 2673336 Sukhmanpreet Kaur 92.4
3rd 2673285 Ashpreet Kaur 90.2
4th 2673316 Payal Kamboj 90.0
List of Medical Toppers
Sr.No. RollNO Name Percentage
1st 2673162 Ajay Sekhri 90.8
2nd 2673163 Jaskaranjit Singh 90.4
3rd 2673161 Bipanpreet Kaur 89.8
List of Commerce Toppers
Sr.No. RollNO Name Percentage
1st 2673236 Nazuk Madaan 94.4
2nd 2673204 Anveshi Sikri 94.0
3rd 2673202 Anchal 93.2
4th 2673353 Chahat Chatrath 91.8
5th 2673265 Steffi Mujral 91.6
6th 2673250 Rubal Gupta 91.2
7th 2673350 Kirandeep Sidhu 91.2
8th 2673253 Saideep Malhotra 91.0
9th 2673240 Parul Sharma 90.6
List of FMM Toppers
Sr.No. RollNO Name Percentage
1st 2673191 Rahul Grover 92.6
2nd 2673182 Eshaani 92.0
3rd 2673181 Chetna Handa 91.0

Result of Session 2012-13(class X)

List of X Class Toppers
Japneet Kaur Sekhon
Ankit Bura
Simranjeet Kaur
Sukhjeet Kaur
Vikramjeet Singh
Saksham Narula

Result of Session 2012-13(class XII)

List of NON-Medical Toppers
Sr.No. RollNO Name Percentage
1st 2681994 Hitesh Mittal 94.40
2nd 2682032 Saveena 92.80
3rd 2681985 Chahat Aneja 91.80
4th 2673316
List of Medical Toppers
Sr.No. RollNO Name Percentage
1st 2681965 Navpreet Kaur Brar 92.00
2nd 2681954 Abhishek Lakhra 91.80
3rd 2681955 Aishwarya 90.80
List of Commerce Toppers
Sr.No. RollNO Name Percentage
1st 2682052 Gagneet Kaur Bakshi 93.80
2nd 2682068 Rahul Garg 88.40
3rd 2682059 Jyoti Bansal 87.00
List of FMM Toppers
Sr.No. RollNO Name Percentage
1st 2682087 Akansha 90.00
2nd 2682112 Ravleen Kalra 89.83
3rd 2682100 Khushbu 89.67

Result of Session 2013-14(class X)

List of X Class Toppers
Arshdeep Singh
Goldenpreet Kaur
Jatin Kakkar
Rahul Dhawan
Sukhdev Chopra
Tamanna Dhaliwal

Result of Session 2013-14(class XII)

List of NON-Medical Toppers
Sr.No. RollNO Name Percentage
1st 2685418 Kajal Chopra 95.6
2nd 2685417 Jannat 94.2
3rd 2685416 Jaismine Kaur 93.8
List of Medical Toppers
Sr.No. RollNO Name Percentage
1st 2685382 Raghav Sharma 91.6
2nd 2685386 Sahil 89.6
3rd 2685364 Beenish 87.6
List of Commerce Toppers
Sr.No. RollNO Name Percentage
1st 2685524 Ashutosh 94.8
2nd 2685514 Anuj Aggarwal 94.2
3rd 2685543 Ishlin Mittal 91.8
List of FMM Toppers
Sr.No. RollNO Name Percentage
1st 2685480 Himanshu Gupta 94.8
2nd 2685475 Gurpreet Kaur 91.4
2nd 2685489 Ranbeer Singh 91.4
3rd 2685502 Yogesh Goyal 89.8

Workshops and Seminars

"The whole art of teaching is only the art of awakening the natural curiosity of young minds for the purpose of satisfying it afterwards."



The school reflects itscommitment to staff development through a wide range of on going in service programmes and workshops, which cover not only academics and pedagogy but also areas such as psychological counseling, personality development and career counseling.

At DCMI, the staff has a complete access to professional opportunities that include training and professional development programmes, both academic and non-academic. Such programmes ensure that our teachers are keeping pace with the latest teaching methodologies and developments in curriculum.

Recently, a workshop on "Innovative Teaching" was organised which focused on making the participants understand various classroom practices and inspire them to adopt those practices which could be applicable in their classes. The sessions also took the participants through an experiential cycle of observing, delivering, assessing and evaluating their own methodologies. It addressed the core skills essential for teaching to be effective.

Educomp Interactive tools training (13th March 2012) Educomp Interactive tools training has been conducted in DCM International school on 13th March 2012.There were 30 teachers and Mr. Rahul Sharma was conducted the training. This training was helpful to solve the problems of teachers.

Educomp Computer Training (28th April 2012) Educomp computer training has been conducted in DCM International school on 28th April 2012.There were 11 teachers and Mr. Rahul Sharma was conducted the training. This training was intersting and helpful to learn the computer.

Computer Training for teaching staff (30th May 2011) : To make the teachers computer literate a training course was organized in the school. The teachers were given the knowledge of Notepad, Ms Word, Ms Excel and Ms Powerpoint.

I Discover I (30th June 2011) : This workshop was organized to aquaint the teacher with the innovative techniques of teaching in School.

Bacche Man Ke Sacche (22nd Oct. 2011) : This Seminar was organized for parents, teachers as well as students and the motive was to provide solution for their problems.

Evaluation in CCE (English) (27th Jan. 2012) : This workshop was specially designed for English teachers. They were informed about the latest tools and techniques involved in it.

A workshop on Formative Assessment was organized on 13th Oct. 2012 in RSD Raj Rattan School. The duration of this workshop was from 10.00am to 5.00pm. Five teachers from various departments attended it.

Another workshop on how to motivate the unmotivated was organized in British Lib. On 14th March 2013. The duration for this workshop 10.00am to 5.00pm. Two teachers from the school attended it.

QCT Workshop : This workshop was for guiding the teachers how to spend quality time with students. It was organized on 23rd & 24th March 2013 at DCM Cantt. The Resource Person was Ms. Maya Mennon. Fifteen teachers from the school attended this workshop.

A workshop focusing on how to manage the class was organized on 13th April 2013 at DCM Cantt. The timings were from 9.30am to 4.30pm.

On 4th May 2013 there was a workshop in IIT Delhi which focused on ‘Effective Teaching and Learning’. The Resource Person were Mr. Harish Chaudhary and Mr. Sandeep Shrivastav. Ms. Nimrta Sandhu represented the school.

On 11th May 2013, seventeen teachers from DCMI went to DCM Cantt. to attend this workshop organized by ‘Future Kids’. The duration of this workshop was from 10.00am to 2.30pm.
Topic : Teaching Essentials by using various techniques and methods.

All the Teachers of English attended a workshop at DCM Cantt On 1st July 2013.
Timings : 10.00am to 2.45pm.
The Resource Person Ms. Meena Wood explained how to develop high competence in English Language Literacy and Communication.

How to fight the stress was explained by Mrs. Varsha Malhotra during a workshop on 3rd July 2013. All the teachers who teach classes III to X attended it.
Timings : 9.00am to 2.00pm
Venue : DCMI, Fzr. City


Ms. Meena Wood acquainted the teachers with the best Practices in Learning Centered Approaches during her workshop on 4th July 2013.
Timings : 9.45am to 2.00pm
Venue : DCMI, Fzr. City

The Green Schools Programme organized by Centre for Science and Environment New Delhi was attended by Mrs. M. Bhanot and Mrs. Aman Brar from the school on 10th and 11th July 2013. The Seminar was conducted by their Environment Education unit trainers Ms. Sumita Das Gupta and Mr. Alok Mishra.

Teachers of English from DCMI attended a workshop organised by Britannica at DCM Sr. Sec. School Cantt. on 14th Sept. 2013. The Resource Person for the same was Ms. Maryann Vaisoha. Class Fee (Rs.)  
1 Nursery 1000 /-  
2 I to III 1000 /-  
3 IV to X 1100 /-  
4 XI to XII 1700 /-  


List of teaching/non-teaching staff

Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Mrs. Ismat V Ahmed Principal
2 Mrs. Madhu Chopra V.P.(Sr. Sec.)
3 Mr. Kanwal Bajaj V.P. (Admin)
4 Mr. G. Premanand V.P. (Academics)
5 Mr. V.K. Monga PGT
6 Mr. Kulbhushan Jain PGT
7 Mr. Sunny Sachdeva PGT
8 Mrs. Aarti Banga PGT
9 Mr. Deepak Mangal PGT
10 Mrs. Kuldeep Kaur PGT
11 Mr. Neeraj Gupta PGT
12 Mr. Sahil Monga PGT
13 Mrs. Mona Chopra PGT
14 Mrs. Anu Trehan PGT
15 Mr. Naresh Joshi PGT
16 Mr. V. K. Bhandari PGT
17 Mr. Aseem Sethi PGT
18 Mrs. Ginnia Narang PGT
19 Mrs. Jaya PGT
20 Mr. Amar Verma PGT
21 Mrs. Avi Bansal PGT
22 Ms. Shivani Sharma PGT
23 Ms. Mahima PGT
24 Mr. Anirudh Sharma PGT
25 Mr. Parmvir Sharma PGT
26 Ms. Lalita PGT
27 Mr. Varinder Singh PGT
28 Mr. Sidharth Chawla PGT
29 Ms. Prabhjot Kaur PGT
30 Ms. Manisha Joshi TGT
31 Ms. Jyoti TGT
32 Mrs. Kamlesh Dhawan TGT
33 Mr. Ravinder K Khanna TGT
34 Mrs. Aman Brar TGT
35 Mrs. Gayatri Sayal TGT
36 Ms. Neha Sachdeva TGT
37 Mrs. Monica Narula TGT
38 Mrs. Monika Kochhar TGT
39 Mr. Manohar Narula TGT
40 Ms. Reenu Arora TGT
41 Mr. Rashpal Singh TGT
42 Mr. Umesh Bajaj TGT
43 Mr. Mandeep Singh TGT
44 Mr. Gurmanpreet TGT
45 Ms. Shallu TGT
46 Ms. Sophiya Jain TGT
47 Mr. Sameer Mankatala TGT
48 Ms. Sukhdeep TGT
49 Ms. Anu TGT
50 Ms. Reeta Rani TGT
51 Ms. Ana TGT
52 Mr. Munish Sharma TGT
53 Ms. Manisha Dhawan TGT
54 Ms. Shalima TGT
55 Ms. Rama Rani TGT
56 Ms. Breechi TGT
57 Mr. Deepak Mehta TGT
58 Mrs. Shalini PRT
59 Mr. Darshan Singh PRT
60 Ms. Tejinder Kaur PRT
61 Mrs. Manju Gulati PRT
62 Ms. Rabia PRT
63 Ms. Manju Chopra PRT
64 Ms. Mandeep Kaur PRT
65 Ms. Megha Kakkar PRT
66 Mrs. Reeta Dewra PRT
67 Mrs. Geeta Sikri PRT
68 Ms. Khushpreet Kaur PRT
69 Ms. Sakshi Handa PRT
70 Ms. Sonia Sood PRT
71 Ms. Punita PRT
72 Ms. Arpana Arora PRT
73 Ms. Kavita Sharma PRT
74 Ms. Rinku Monga PRT
75 Ms. Anita Chanana PRT
76 Mr. Ish Sanan PRT
77 Ms. Shivani Gakhar PRT
78 Ms. Indu Bala PRT
79 Ms. Gagandeep PRT
80 Ms. Geeta Khullar PRT
81 Ms. Suruchi PRT
82 Ms. Manpreet Kaur PRT
83 Ms. Navdeep Kaur PRT
84 Ms. Nupur Kochhar PRT
85 Ms. Shweta PRT
86 Mrs. Shivani Popli PRT
87 Ms. Prenika PRT
88 Mrs. Vandana Bhandari PRT
89 Ms. Sonia Gulati PRT
90 Mrs. Sapna Pal PRT
91 Ms. Parveen PRT
92 Ms. Vandana Sharma PRT
93 Ms. Sarabjeet Kaur PRT
94 Mr. Ramesh Kumar PRT
95 Ms. Shivani Manchanda PRT
96 Ms. Anjali Bhandari PRT
97 Ms. Payal Madaan PRT
98 Ms. Samita Sehgal PRT
99 Ms. Rajni Bala PRT
100 Ms. Parminder Kaur PRT
101 Ms. Rajni Virdi PRT
102 Mr. Veer Singh PRT
103 Ms. Jeewan Jyoti PRT
104 Ms. Sumanpreet NTT
105 Ms. Leena Walia NTT
106 Ms. Geetu Chawla NTT
107 Ms. Amandeep Kaur NTT
108 Ms. Sonika Monga NTT
109 Ms. Babita NTT
110 Ms. Jyoti Rani NTT
111 Ms. Victoria NTT
112 Ms. Manisha Sethi NTT
113 Ms. Jagriti NTT
114 Ms. Vaishali Chopra NTT
115 Ms. Rajandeep Kaur NTT
116 Ms. Renu Bala NTT
117 Mr. Kishor Singh PTI
118 Mr. Kuldeep Raj PTI
119 Mrs. Sonia Jaiswal PTI
120 Ms. Veena PTI
121 Mr. Ishan Anand Account Executive
122 Mr. Mukesh Monga Admin Officer
123 Ms. Neha Gakhar Art & Craft Teacher
124 Ms. Amanpreet Kaur Assistant Teacher
125 Ms. Meena Goyal Assistant Teacher
126 Ms. Indu Jindal Assistant Teacher
127 Mrs. Roohy Assistant Teacher
128 Ms. Aarti Setia Assistant Teacher
129 Ms. Jyoti Dhawan Assistant Teacher
130 Ms. Preeti Sethi Co-ordinator
131 Ms. Seema Oberoi Co-ordinator
132 Mrs. Nimrta Co-ordinator
133 Ms. Nitish Counsiler
134 Mrs. Amita Bhatia Deputy CEO Commerce
135 Mr. Ravit Bhatia DTP Executive
136 Mr. Nitin Sethi ERP Co-ordinator
137 Mr. Bhupinder Singh Estate Officer
138 Mrs. Renu Kalra Executive HR
139 Ms. Durga Devi Head Activities
140 Mr. Ashwill Manchanda IT Assistant
141 Ms. Richa Kataria Liason Officer
142 Ms. Gurmeet Kaur Librarian
143 Ms. Renuka Medical Officer
144 Mr. Arjun singh Security Officer
145 Ms. Ravinder Kaur Sports Teacher
146 Mr. Harpreet Singh Supervisor
147 Ms. Dimple Sharma Supervisor
148 Ms. Revia Khanna Supervisor
149 Ms. Parmjeet Kaur Taekwondo Coach
150 Ms. Ritika Thaper Teacher
151 Mrs. Sunita Khehra Teacher
152 Ms. Mannat Teacher
153 Ms. Sabia Teacher
154 Ms. Mandeep Kaur Teacher
155 Ms. Navpreet Kaur Teacher
156 Mr. Harish Teacher
157 Mr. Vijay Teacher
158 Mr. Ashray Teacher
159 Ms. Sakshi Teacher
160 Ms. Anju Sharma WORK EXP

Mode of payment of salary

  1. Name of the Bank through which salary is drawing Oriental Bank of Commerece
  2. Through single cheque transfer advice Yes
  3. Individual cheque N/A
  4. Cash N/A
  • Announcements
  • Activities
  • 07 May,2015
    Card Making (III to X).

  • 07 May,2015
    Mothers Day Special Assembly (III to V).

  • 07 May,2015
    Mothers Day Celebration (08-05-2015).

  • 07 May,2015
    Creative Writing, Mothers Day Special (06-05-2015) was organised. Students were provided with different themes to express their love for their mothers.

  • 07 May,2015
    Speakers Forum conducted Assembly on Birthday of Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore. Raghav of Speakers Forum delivered a speech on the contribution and achievements of Rabindranath Tagore.

  • 07 May,2015
    World Asthma Day (05-05-2015) : A Special Assembly was conducted by Health and Wellness Club. A speech was delivered by Dimple (President of club) telling the students about symptoms, causes and precautions of Asthma. The speech was represented with colourful charts related to Asthma.

  • 23 April,2015
    Principal Ms. Ahmed sensitized the students about the sickness of the earth and told them to switch off the lights from 8.00 pm to 8.30 pm.

  • 23 April,2015
    Eco Club updated the Rolling Board on Earth Day.

  • 23 April,2015
    World Book and Copyright Day (23-04-15).

  • 23 April,2015
    Anti Piracy Day (23-04-15) : Reading Session for classes I to X. It was one of the most eventful day for Dcmites. The children were informally introduced to what multi tasking is.

  • 23 April,2015
    World Book and Copyright Day was celebrated by G.K. Club. Aarish and Ramanpreet delivered a speech in Multimedia for classes IX & X.

  • 23 April,2015
    A separate activity was conducted for classes VI, VII & VIII. Vasvee, Khushboo and Tamanna of G.K. Club delivered speech and highlighted the amazing facts.

  • 23 April,2015
    D.E.A.R. programme was observed for classes I to X.