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DCM Alumni
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Don't believe what your eyes are telling you. All they show is limitation. Look with your understanding, find out what you already know, and you'll see the way to fly.

The desire for perfection is unquenchable. DCMI was conceived and hailed as a fitting realization of the dreams of the natives of this border town to be a part of an institution which would provide a novel dimension to the whole concept of knowledge and teaching and make it truly global. The day 19th September 2002 would remain forever etched in the memory of the intelligentsia as well as the common rung of people as DCMI opened its arms to the vast multitude of humanity. The depth of the commitment to the cause can be gauged from the fact that within a short span of six months the precincts of the school reverberated with the happy cries of the children. 

In a short span of nine years the school has been able to carve out a niche for itself and is now one of the premier institutes being coveted by all. It boasts of possessing all tenets of modern architecture with the cluster system of classrooms which are airy, well ventilated and illumined by natural light as well. The serene surroundings along with the pollution free environment add lustre to the beauty of the school.

DCMI is hailed now as a pace setting institution which has been receiving accolades from all directions. It is an autonomous body deeply committed to the greater humanitarian cause of spreading the light of education in all possible directions.

DCMI has separate blocks for students belonging to different age groups. The Nehru Block is primarily for Nursery- class II while the Tagore Block has students from class III-X. The Raman Block is exclusively for the Senior Secondary Section.

DCMI has had stupendous results over the years in the field of academics as well as extra curricular activities. Here, the futuristic vision is exhibited by equipping the students with the latest in the field of technological developments. The introduction of Smart classes by EduComp is only a small indicator of things to follow in the future.

The School Management's vision is amply exemplified by the fact that DCMI does not only cater to the traditional schemes of courses but also has vocational courses like Financial Marketing Management and Health Care Education for the students to make informed and varied career choices.

DCMI Mission Statement

'To succeed in ur MISSION u must have single minded devotion to ur GOAL'

Our mission is to develop young men with active and creative minds, a sense of understanding and compassion for others, and the courage to act or their beliefs.

DCMI is committed to active, reflective, creative learning. We believe learning is maximized when it takes place in an environment enriched with support, encouragement and assistance. We celebrate the pursuit of lifelong learning and are committed to nurturing high self-esteem and respect for others. We believe that everyone can learn, become better thinkers and independent learners. An integral part of our learning process will have our school community learning how to ask questions, solve problems and make thoughtful decisions.

Our school promotes a safe, orderly, caring and supportive environment. Each student's self-esteem is fostered by positive relationships with students and staff. We strive to have our parents, teachers, and community members actively involved on our student's learning.

We engage with challenging academics and the unique resources of our city and region in order to become active citizens and responsible stewards of our world.


School's core Educational Policy


Our mission is to educate children to be thoughtful citizens of a democratic society by providing an education that is investigative and reflective, encourages choice, and expects responsibility and discipline in all areas of learning and social behavior. The community works collaboratively, depending on the contributions of parents, children, and professional educators to realize the potential of human capacity.

Class Number of Students
Nursery 80
Prep-I 170
Prep-II 210
I 226
II 223
III 224
IV 219
V 233
VI 230
VII 236
VIII 224
IX 210
X 186
XI 305
XII 242
TOTAL 3218


Nehru Block(2012-13)

Session 2011-12

Nehru Block 2013-2014

  • Year of establishment of school 2002-2003
  • School is recognised by CBSE, New Delhi
  • Status of affiliation is provisional
  • Affiliation No. 1630284
  • Extension of affiliation upto 31-March-2018

Grievance/redressal Committe Name Designation E-mail
1 Mrs. Ismat V Ahmed Convener  
2 Ms.Madhu Chopra Member  
3 Mr. Kanwal Bajaj Member  
4 Ms. Amita Bhatia Member  
5 Mr. Ranjan Sharma SMC Member  
6 Mr. Rajnish Maini Parent Member  

Sexual Harassment Committee Name Designation E-mail
1 Mrs. Ismat V Ahmed Convener  
2 Mr. Ranjan Sharma Member  
3 Mr. Rajneesh Maini Member  
4 Mr. Kanwal Bajaj Member  
5 Ms. Madhu Chopra Member  
6 Ms. Amita Bhatia Member  


Sr. No. Name Designation Profession
1 Mr. K.K.Sharma PRESIDENT Central Govt. Official
2 Mr. Anirudh Gupta Vice President CEO
3 Mr. Chander Mohan Manager Social Worker
4 Mrs. Ismat V Ahmed Secretary Principal
5 Mr. D.R.Goyal Member Social Worker
6 Dr.K.C.Arora Member Medical Practitioner
7 Dr.Naresh Khanna Member Medical Specialist
8 Mr. Ashok Kumar Member Educationist
9 Mr. Ranjan Sharma Member Social Worker
10 Mr. V.K.Sharma Member Educationist
11 Mr. Manoj Kumar Member Social Worker
12 Ms.Madhu Chopra Member V.P. (Sr. Sec.)
13 Mr. Kanwal Bajaj Member VP (Admin)
14 Mr. Prem Anand Member Teacher
15 Mrs. Aman Brar Member Teacher
16 Mr. Satnam Singh Member Service
  • Announcements
  • Activities
  • 18 May,2016
    PTM for classes V to X - Tuesday, 31st May 2016.

  • 14 May,2016
    Chess Championship will begin from 19th May 2016.

  • 18 May,2016
    PTM for classes Nsy to IV - Monday, 30th May 2016.

  • 18 May,2016
    Inter House Cricket Championship G - III Final Match - Tuesday, 31st May, 2016.

  • 14 May,2016
    Mothers Day Celebration : Card Making Activity was organised for classes III to VI. Gift Making Activity was organised for classes VII to X.